Saturday, October 17, 2009


My grandma used to tell us that Sweet potatoes was their basic food
during second world war.  Now a day, some of the sweet potatoes are
more expensive then rice.

Sweet potatoes(especially the yellow-fleshed varieties) are an excellent
food because they contain a rich and complete assortment of mineral,
vitamins and amino acids.  The supply of amino acids and B-complex
vitamins found in sweet potatoes cover just about all of the body's daily
nutritional requirement. Amino acids are essential for the repair and
maintained of the body's cells, nails, skin, internal organ, blood vessels,
and red blood cells.

Many think that since sweet potatoes are starchy foods they'll make you
fat.  Actually, eating too many high-fat foods will make you over-weight.

We used to eat steamed sweet potatoes with bread fast.  Sometimes
we will cook sweet potatoes porridge, sweet potatoes desert(tong sui). 
In fact, there are many ways of preparing sweet potatoes.

Recipe for Sweet Potatoes desert(tong sui)

500g sweet potatoes
6 rice bowls of water
50g of old ginger
150 g of rock sugar
4 PCs of pandan leaves
pinch of salt

Peel sweet potatoes,cut into cubes, soak in salt water for 10 minutes,
drain. Boil the water,  add in smashed ginger ,pandan leaves and rock
sugar for about 15 minutes.Add in the sweet potatoes and boil for
another 10 minutes or till its soft.
Serve will its hot.

Sweet Potatoes Porridge

150 g sweet potatoes
5 bowls of water (rice bowl)
1/2 cup of rice(the cup from the rice cooker)
a pinch of salt

Peel the sweet potatoes,cubed and soak in salt water for 10 min.
Wash the rice.Boil the water, then put in the rice and sweet potatoes. 
Boil for 5 minutes  or till the sweet potatoes is soft. Add in the salt.
Let stand for 5 minutes, serve hot with a sprinkling of fried onion
chopped spring onion.