Thursday, December 17, 2009


Words been saying that Oversea restaurant in Ipoh has the best roasted piglet(with sticky glutinous rice) in town. What is so good and special? The best way to find out is to taste it .

Coincidental my daughter and her husband were back from Melbourne to celebrate Alfred's birthday. We booked a table on the 5th of December, but we have to pre-order the special roasted piglet two days ahead.

Roasted piglet with glutinous rice under it.  RM 170.00 (worth it)
The skin was carefully and beautifully sliced. Tasted it, the skin was roasted  to have the crisp but maintain the juiciness, can't resist to eat more .We enjoyed the piglet skin so much that forgotten to snap the picture of the glutinous rice. Anyway, the rice was so good and tasty, I just  can't express it out, you guys out there must try it out.

The next dish was the normal shark fin soup. We ordered because my daughter miss this so much.

This is something special in this restaurant as well.  Stir fried seafood with fish roe .(RM70.00)
We  stirred mix well the roe with the seafood then scoop out one spoonful of the mixture and wrap by a piece of green vege and eat it. Emmm..yummy, yum.

Mayonnaise and salad  sauce prawns.  The sauce was really good and prawns were fresh.

Birthday noodle

Desert- Lotus paste pan cake. My daughter really missed this.
It was a very satisfactory dinner.  We adjoined back home to have our real birthday celebration- singing and cutting of birthday cake for three members (father's birthday was on 26th Nov, while Alfred's and Ah Hoon's were on 29th Nov). I had a surprise for all of them, my first cheesecake.

Though the cheesecake did not look beautiful but taste good.  All my family members love it.


I never like or would not eat any diary products like butter or cheese because I can't bear the smell and taste of it. However, one day I was convinced to taste the first time baked cheesecake of a friend, reluctantly I tasted a small piece of it. Oh! Surprisingly I can take it and like the taste at the first bite. I manage to finish the whole cup cake. The cup cake does not have the usual heavy milky taste and smell. I was so excited and got the recipe to try  to bake the cake myself.

I modified the recipe . I make use of Oki high fibre crackers instead of Oleo chocolate cookies and I make use of only half of the ingredients.

The ingredients are
425 g cream cheese, Philadelphia
100 g caster sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
2 eggs
1/4 cup sour cream
pinch of salt
20 pieces of Oki high fibre crackers, 8 pieces coarsely chopped

Preheat the oven to 150 degrees, line the whole crackers on a round  22cm baking tin.
Beat cream cheese till smooth, gradually add in sugar, beat till well mix, add in vanilla essence.
Add in eggs one at a time, beat in sour cream, salt and finally stir in chopped crackers.
Pour in the well mix batter into the lined cake tin, bake for 40 minutes or till its done. Transfer the cake to wire rack to cool.  Refrigerate it at least for four hours before serving.

My first cheesecake


Yum Yum Restaurant is famous for its Nyonya cooking like Asam  curry fish heads, assam fried prawns,
petai with prawns and most of the other Asian cuisines.

The best Siam laksa in Ipoh is found in this restaurant.  Siam laksa is served only on Fridays from 12 noon to 3pm only. 

The laksa is served with desert and fried (fu pei), only RM6.00. Delicious and is cheap.
Yum Yum restaurant is located at
5, Persiaran Greenhill,
30450, Ipoh.
Tel. 05-2537686.