Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Thai food in Ipoh Parade.

This stall serves tom yam, seafood kerabu, mango kerabu, mango
glutinous rice, fried spring rolls and other deserts.

Spring rolls are crispy and delicious.

Crispy fried prawns and sweet deserts.

Because only three of us and we are small eaters, we ordered only
seafood kerabu, mango glutinous rice and spring rolls. I like the
seafood kerabu  with tong fun (pea noodle) very much . It really
tastes good, the sweet, sour and pungent taste,oh, its just delicious.
The mango rice with the coconut milk really lemak. We will try the
 tom yam next trip.
The mango rice, seafood kerabu and spring rolls were RM4 each.
The stall is located on the 4th floor food court in Ipoh Parade.
The stall will operates from 11.00 am till 9pm daily.