Sunday, August 22, 2010

DIY gaebage enzyme

I received an email regarding garbage enzyme and in fact I had heard of the enzyme for quite a long time.  My friend gave me a bottle of the garbage enzyme a few months ago and I found it very useful and also effective for my household chores.  So I decided to make my own garbage enzyme.  I found the recipe from the book shop then started to gather all the  necessary utensils and the ingredients. What I needed are:

1 air-tight plastic container
500 g brown sugar
1 1/2 kg fresh kitchen waste(fruits and vegetables)
5 lt water

I used only fruits waste.  I collect my daily fruit skins and keep in the fridge. It took me 1 week to collect 1 and the half kg that I needed.  Pour in the water and the brown sugar into the plastic container, mix well.  Put in all the kitchen waste. Make sure that there is a little space for the yeast to work (fermentation). Loosen the cap cover to let the gas out everyday until there is no more gas.  Tighten the cover and let it ferment for 3 months.

This is the 2nd day of the fermentation of my garbage enzyme

This will be the result after 3 months of fermentation(picture from my friend)

When the fermentation process is completed, the residue has to be filtered.  The residue is a very good sauce of plant fertilizer.

The completed garbage enzyme ready for use

There are many useful usage of the garbage enzyme, as natural fertilizer, natural pesticide, laundry, floor mopping, mold removal, oil and stain removal for kitchen utensils, fruits and veggie wash and so many more.
I use the enzyme daily to wash the fruits and vegetables.  following the instruction of the book, I wash the fruits and vegetables, add a small cap of enzyme into a basin of water then soak the fruits and veggie for 40 minutes to get rid of the chemicals such as pesticide residue.
Here are some of the  example of the ratio to use the garbage enzyme;(enzyme to water)
for fertilizer                 1:100/500/1000
for insecticide             1: 1000
for pesticide               1: 100
anti odour/air freshener  dilute 200x
as plant growth hormone dilute 500x
I use 1 part of  dish wash, 1 part of enzyme and 8 parts of water for my kitchen utensils cleaning.  In fact we can also use the same formula for other house hold cleaning.  Happy trying and if more people using garbage enzyme there will be less chemical being used.