Friday, June 27, 2014

Tian zhi and american ginseng soup田七花期參湯

 Tian zhi is a Chinese herb which is very good for blood circulation, reduce swelling and pain efficacy.  American ginseng is very good to boost the immune system and as a general tonic and stimulant.
Today I am sharing this simple and nourishing soup for our whole family.
The simple ingredients are,
Tian zhi 3 grams,
American ginseng 10 grams,
Lean meat 550 grams,
goji berry 10grams,
2 inche old ginger.
10 bowls of water.

 Wash all the herbs and set aside,   Par-boil the meat.
Boil the water in a soup pot.  Add in all the ingredients, let boil.  Slow down the fire to low and simmer for 1 hour.  Add salt to taste and serve hot.

Its very nourishing and healthy soup.

Jerantut Hill, Sungai Lekok

Jerantut is a major town in Central Pahang.  It is located about 200 kilometre from Kuala Lumpur.  Jerantut is the main entrance to the National Park.

My friends, Elian, Mdm Ooi and me were invited to visit our new friend, Ah Thye in Jerantut .  As we are not that adventurous to visit the National Park, Ah Thye was so kind to arrange for us to hike up Jerantut Hill (new found hiking hill by the locals) which is only 15 minutes drive away from Jerantut town.  The locals named this hill as (god mountain), translate direct from Mandarin. Out of curiosity, I log into the internet and was really amazed by the pictures that the locals posted up .  So with the excitement we prepare ourselves to go to Jerantut.

It took us almost 3 hours from our place, Shah Alam to Jerantut. We took the Karak highway and exist at Temerloh toll.  From the exit, we head toward Jerantut which is about 53 kilometre away from the exit point.

We had a good dinner in a local restaurant which is just opposite Ah Thye's house.  We retired early to get ready for our next morning hiking up the hill.

Deboned chicken with fish paste

                                                  Chlli paste steam tiliapia fish


                                            Mamike fried pork ribs

The cooking is good and the food taste yummy too.

Ah Thye is so fabulous, she arrange 2 locals (Ah Meng and Ah Leong) who often hike up the hill to guard me and Elian .  Ah Meng came and pick us at sharp 6am so not to miss the sunrise at 7am.  We reached the base of the hill in 15 minutes and Ah Leong(with his 3 dogs) also came right in time to meet us.  We started off at 6.20am, as it was still dark, we need torch lights to guard the path up the hill.  The track is very steep and full of pebbles, is quite difficult for both of us who do not have special hiking shoes. Though Jerantut Hill is only a little above 400 meter high, it took us 45 minutes to reach the first rest spot where we can see the sunrise and enjoy the fantastic views of the hills and mountain.

First appearance of the sunrise at 7.02 am when we reach the first rest area.

The scence of the sunrise at 7.04 am.
The view at 7.06 am.

We make it at the first rest area with the sunrise at the background.

Take a break before we go further up for better view of the scenery.

 The sunrise at 7.21 am.
 AT 7.22 am
 at 7.23am
 at 7.24am
 the beautiful view with a tall tree.
We have reached the top of the hill, victory.
 The clouds forming amount the hills.

 Sunrise at 7.35am

 The cloudy sceneries of the hills.
 Our 2 local guards, Ah Leong and Ah Meng
 The sunrise at 7.44am
 The slope going down hill with lots of pebbles.
 ON the way down hill at 7.52 am, the sun rise above the cloud.
 The slope.
 The rocks at the top of the hill.
 View from the top of the rock.
 With sunlight as the background.

Beautiful shadow.
The  beautiful clouds and the sun at the back. 
 Beautiful sceneries.
 The sunrise at 8.44 am
 The path has been eroded by rain water.
The sunrise at 8. 52am
 Walking downhill with the help of a stick.

The last view of the hills as we hiking down.

It was a real great and wonderful hiking, thanks to Ah Leong and Ah Meng.  Without them its not possible for both of us hiking up Jerantut hills for the magnificent views of the sun rise and the beautiful sceneries.  Great thanks to both our guards.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Steam 3 colour eggs

All of us in the family like eggs.  Half-boiled eggs, hard-boiled eggs, steam eggs, fry eggs, no matter how the eggs are cooked, we al just like eggs.  Whenever we eat out in restaurant, we have to order eggs too especially steam 3 colours eggs.  WE like the way they steam the eggs, the texture is soft and smooth and taste good.  Today I am going to share the way one of the chef gave me tips of the way to steam this 3 colours eggs.

The ingredients are very simple as follow,

1 normal egg,
1 century egg,
1 salted egg,
1 cup of water, sesame oil.

We can easily buy salted and century eggs from the egg seller in the market.  Century egg is a preserved egg while salted egg is preserved in salt water, very salty to eat by itself.  Salted egg is usually covered with a layer of black sawdust. 

Wash and clean off the sawdust of the salted egg.  Crack the salted egg in a aluminium plate.  Dice salted egg yolk.

Add the water and regular egg, beat lightly.

Dice century egg.  then add into the salted egg and regular egg mixture.

Steam in high heat with close lid but just allowing a little gap.  You can do so by putting a wooden ladle on the steamer before the lid.  Steam for 7 to 10 minutes.

Sprinkle the sesame oil on top of the eggs before serving.  Smell good and taste good.