Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fried Porridge

Last weekend, 23rd Jan,2010 went to Butterworth for a cousin's wedding dinner.  Few of us were not satisfied with the food that were served.  My cousin decided to take us; my mother, brother and sister-in-law for something special, fried porridge! Heh....what was that,? All of us were curious to hear that word (fried porridge) can we fry porridge?

She took us to Alma hawker centre in Bukit Mertajam, Jalan Rozana.  There was a big crowd when we arrive at the centre. There were many varieties for hawker food but we just wanted to try the fried porridge.
My cousin walked me to the stall to order, the boss was so kind, he allowed me  to  snap some photographs while he prepare the porridge.

He scooped up  the suitable amount of cooked porridge into a bowl.

He heat up the work, put in some cooking oil, fried some chopped onion and ginger.  Next, he poured in the prepared porridge, have a quick stir. While frying, he added some pre-fried minced pork and prawns.

Quickly he added some black soy sauce and some Chinese  chives.

Wow!  Delicious fried porridge was ready in just a few minutes. He sprinkled some pre-fried minced squid that made the porridge more fragrant.  It was really good, that was our first time ever tasted Fried Porridge.  Unforgettable!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Christmas Eve dinner

Its been a long time, we were very busy to entertain relatives and friends during Christmas season. The first visitor was sister-in-law from Johore Bahru, followed by friends from Medan, KL and my daughter and her husband flew back from Melbourne from 4th to 30th Dec. We have been eating too much from restaurant, we decided to have a change for Christmas reunion dinner.  We had home cook steamboat at home.
It was very easy then, just have to prepare the soup and all the raw materials for cooking when eating.

Ingredients for the soup.

2 lt water
10 pce of red dates
1 big onion
1 Chinese yam
2 carrots
5 tomatoes
200 g chicken bones
300 g prot cones
4 dried mushroom
Boil the water, then add in all the ingredients use slow fire boil for one hour, add salt to taste.
We bought fish and meat balls, few types of vegetables, prawns, deep sea crabs, fishes, noodles, eggs, chicken and pork slices and others.

See the table is full of food.

We really enjoyed our steamboat rather then every year the turkey dinner.
My children were so sweet , they bought me a new hand phone as my Christmas gift.