Sunday, November 1, 2009


Yesterday while clearing and cleaning my store room, notice my Sanyo
Bread Factory stand at a corner. It must have been there  for more
then ten years since my daughter left for Kuala Lumpur to further her
study. I really make full use of it when all my children were with us.
It is very handy and easy to bake a loaf of bread or to make dough for
sweet breads. All I have to do is to dump all the ingredients into the
inner pot, choose the setting and press start. The bread will be done in
a couple of hours.

So decide to wake up my bread factory and to check weather it is
still working, went to buy ingredients for baking  a wholemeal bread.


400 grams high protein flour
100grams whole meal flour
100 grams mixture of sunflower and pumpkin seeds and raisins
1tbls milk powder
1 tbs margarine/butter
1 1/2 tsp instant yeast
pinch of salt
270 ml water

I will pour the water into the inner pot, follow by the dry ingredients
and the instant yeast go in last.  Choose the setting and the loaf will
be done in 3 hours and 25minutes.

Wow! My bread factory still work well for me.  Its worth investing in it.


We took a drive to Genting Highlands on 28th Oct. We heard of a
good Bah Kut Teh restaurant in Batang Kali. Unfortunately it was
too early at 10.15am; the restaurant was not open yet. Anyway by
chance the neighbour new bah kut teh Restaurant Bee Lian ( has
the same name as my daughter)was opened. Out of curiosity, we
walked in. There were only two couples waiting for their orders.
We ordered a clay pot of bah kut teh for two.

The boiling hot pot of bah kut teh finally came after waiting for almost
half an hour. Its smell good!  Tasted it, wow! Surprisingly delicious.

We had a chat with the boss Mr Cartoon, cute name and he does
look cute too. This couple came from Klang seven months ago. Oh!
That's the reason  why their bah kut teh has the taste Klang style bah
kut teh. They were so happy that we gave them good comments of
their cooking. They serve other foods like pork belly soup, black
vinegar pork legs, wine chicken, salted chicken, fishes
 and etc.

 Bah kut teh is RM 8.00 per head.  Its rather cheap.  The business
will start from 10am to 10pm daily. It closes on alternate Tuesday.
 It is located at 27, Jalan Meranti 2A, Bandar Utama Batang Kali,
44300, Batang Kali.  Tel: 012-6626078 and 017-3276078