Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bikit Kinding Resort

 Hi, I am back, it has been a long time then.

Today, after attending the Sunday Church, John and Jane with the two girls and mother, Cecilia and me took a drive to Bukit Kinding Resort which is located about 15km from Ipoh city.We drove along the way from Bercham, passed Tanjong Rambutan and finally we reached the resort. In fact it is only 5 km from Tanjong Rambutan.
Upon arrival, the first impression once would notice the nature and quietness of this resort.
The Entrance of the Resort
Simple Reception of the Resort
All of us were so hungry, we went straight to David's Diner, the only cafe in the resort, which serve real American and Chinese cuisines for our brunch. We took our orders which were recommended by the chef, Raja and the manager,Juke.

The chef and the manager
While waiting for the food to be served, I explored the area that surrounding the dining place. There were air-cons and lake side dining places.

The lake side dining overlooks the lake full of local fresh water fishes ,and the chalets as well.
From air-cons dining hall, we can see the swimming pool and the lounge just by the side of the pool.

Upper left corner is the air-cons dining hall overlooking the swimming pool.

The Lounge beside the swimming pool

Oh! the foods are ready. The rendang chicken was served first. This was not the normal dried rendang but with a little sauce in it. Though it look different but taste good too.( Rm 18.00)

Salted fish fried beansprouts (Rm 8.00)

Fried mix vegetables(Rm 8.00)

Three tastes Tilapia fish (Rm 24.00)
I would not believe that all those dishes were prepared by an Indian chef, Raja, if I were not present to see and taste the foods.  Really excellent. The foods were cheap and tasty and were enough to serve five adults and two children.
After enjoying our brunch, John took us further to explore the resort. The first stop was the spa.

The Spa just a few steps away from the lounge.

One of the sauna room

Eleven linked chalets which can accommodate two persons per chalet.

Two semi-detached chalets which can stay in four to eight persons.

Jane and Cecilia in one of the clean, neat and spacious room in chalet.
All the chalets were built to face the lake and with own balcony. So natural , beautiful and relax to be here.
From the chalets, we proceed to the fitness centre which was well equipped.

The view of the main resort building from the chalet.
According to John, there are numerous sport activities which include nine hole golf, table tennis, jungle trekking,boating and mountain biking which holiday goers can enjoy in the resort.  There will be many more activities to be included like archery, horse riding and bird watching too.

From the map above, Bukit Kinding Resort is one of the project of this Bandar Bukit Kinding, which consist of more then one thousand acre of  virgin lands. There are lands for sale for bungalows(Kinding Country Home). John drove us up the hill to see some of the beautifully built bungalows. The views from the hill were so beautiful and full of nature and fresh air! Unfortunately my camera was out of battery.

We really have a very enjoyable Sunday. We would go again in a bigger group for a retreat in the near future.