Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

My hair dresser, Lee Ching invited me and Alfred to join her family for the 2011 countdown in Ipoh Country Club.  All were given a party set on our sitting place at the dinner table. The set has a pair of green mask, whistle and balloon.

All put on the masks.
 My hairdresser, Lee ching and family.
 Japanese friend ,Mr and Mrs Koro
 Lee Ching with her friends.
 Me and Alfred.
 The dinner was served at 8pm.  The four seasons was the first dish, with salad prawns, fried sotong balls and other fried stuffs.
 The second dish was the fish lips soup.  Quite tasty.
 Followed by the fried chicken served with Thai sauce.
 Sweet sour prawns.  The other dishes were deep fried fish with Chinese sauce, vegetarian mixed fried vegetables, fried rice and the last was desserts.

After all the dishes we have our group photo for our album.

The nights programmes started with various dances performed by dancers from Kuala Lumpur.

 They were very good dancers and dance very well.
 The organiser invited (guys) dancers from Kuala lumpur.  They made funs and dance to all the audience. They really entertained all of us in the ballroom.
 When the clock clicked at 11.50pm, all guests were to be on the floor, keep dancing and enjoying the music.

 Get ready for countdown.
 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.....Happy New Year!!!!