Friday, October 23, 2009


2 medium pineapples,
3 lemons, washed and dried,
300 grams organic or Chinese brown candy,
A glass jar.

Cut lemons into rings and the pineapples into 1 cm thick slices.
Place pineapple slices, lemon rings and sugar in layers until the jar
is 3/4 full.

Do not tightened the jar cover for the first four days of fermentation.
Tightened and seal the glass jar on the fifth day if ingredients do not
turn bad(black). The enzyme is ready in thirty days.  Pour the enzyme
 into glass bottle, keep in refrigerator and is ready to drink anytime.
One part of enzyme to ten parts of water or just enzyme with ice cubes.
 Taste good. The residues can make into drinks by adding water to
 a few pieces of pineapples or lemons. It is very good plant fertilizer too.

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