Sunday, November 1, 2009


Yesterday while clearing and cleaning my store room, notice my Sanyo
Bread Factory stand at a corner. It must have been there  for more
then ten years since my daughter left for Kuala Lumpur to further her
study. I really make full use of it when all my children were with us.
It is very handy and easy to bake a loaf of bread or to make dough for
sweet breads. All I have to do is to dump all the ingredients into the
inner pot, choose the setting and press start. The bread will be done in
a couple of hours.

So decide to wake up my bread factory and to check weather it is
still working, went to buy ingredients for baking  a wholemeal bread.


400 grams high protein flour
100grams whole meal flour
100 grams mixture of sunflower and pumpkin seeds and raisins
1tbls milk powder
1 tbs margarine/butter
1 1/2 tsp instant yeast
pinch of salt
270 ml water

I will pour the water into the inner pot, follow by the dry ingredients
and the instant yeast go in last.  Choose the setting and the loaf will
be done in 3 hours and 25minutes.

Wow! My bread factory still work well for me.  Its worth investing in it.

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