Monday, July 5, 2010

Turmeric fry silver catfish

Today bought two silver cat fishes form the wet market.  I used to steam this type of fish but Alfred suggested to fry the fish.  So, I  was wandering just deep fry or fry with marinate?  Finally, got some  fresh turmeric from the refrigerator, so decided to fry the fish with turmeric.

the fish about 1kg
150 g fresh turmeric
2 tsp fish chili powder
1 tsp salt
oil for deep frying
some curry leaves

Wash and cut the fish into smaller pieces, pat dry. Cut the fresh turmeric into smaller pieces and pound until fine.  Add in the chili powder and salt, mix well.  Marinate the fish for at least half an hour.
Heat the wok, pour in the oil .  Put in the fish pieces and the curry leaves when the oil is hot enough for frying.  Fry till the fish is cook.

The fish before frying

marinated and fried silver fish

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