Monday, August 30, 2010

Chicken herbal soup

With the chicken stock, I add in a packet of Chinese herbal, and bought a black chicken to add in the stock.

the ingredients
8 bowls of chicken stock(add water if there is not enough of stock)
1 whole black chicken(chopped into 4 pieces)
1 packet of Chinese herb for soup
salt to taste

All the contents of the packet of the herbal for the soup

Wash the herbs and put into the boiling chicken stock.   Turn to low fire to cook for half an hour.
Remove the skin of the chicken and scald in hot water for about 1 minute.  Wash and drain.  Put into the herbal soup and simmer for an hour.  Add in salt to taste.
This is the ginseng herbal soup.  It has the taste of ginseng and the sweetness of the chicken stock.


  1. This looks very good! My mother would really enjoy this. She is recovering from a brief hospital stay. This soup looks like it would be very beneficial in her road to healthy recovery.

  2. you right and you are a good daughter as well.