Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cheryl and Nicole

My brother flew back from Myanmar with his wife and 2 lovely daughters for holidays.  It was Cheryl birthday on the 6th of Jan while Nicole's fall on the 14th.  From the mother, I know all of them like cheesecake, I decided to bake oleo cheesecake(recipe from the label cheesecake) for both of the beautiful and lovely girls.
After baking, cool the cake completely, I prepared chocolate garnache to cover the whole cake.  Let set.  I decorated with butter cream borders and some fondant flowers, teddy bears and lady buds. My writing were no good because my hand was shivering, I have to improve in this a lot.

The were so happy to cut their favorite cheesecake. They love the cake so much that they ate up both the fondant teddy bears and lady buds.

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