Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Kelowna, British Columbia

After 3 wonderful days in Vancouver, we travel by Grey Hound bus from Vancouver to Kelowna.  Kelowna is a city about 400km away from Vancouver.  We planned to put up 3 nights here because it is situated between Vancouver and Banff National park.  We just do not want to be too tired on our journey and we need a break before we travel further.  The bus took about 7 hours to reach Kelowna.  This is because the speed limit for the bus is only 70 to 80 km/h and moreover the bus has to put up a few stop at  few towns to drop and pick up passengers.  We were just relax and enjoyed the scenery's outside the Windows.

The beautiful mountain before reaching Kelowna
We stayed in the Econo Lodge for 3 nights, very clean and suitable with breakfast included.

We started our journey at 9.30am and reached Kelowna at about 4pm.  Check into hotel .  We had a good rest before we walked to downtown, which took us about 20 minutes slow walk for our dinner.  As Kelowna is a small town, there is nothing much to do in downtown during night falls.  We walked back to the hotel and a good rest after a long journey drive.

After breakfast, Emilly and me walked to downtown while Ong and wife decided to rest in the hotel for the day.  The first place we visited is the museum,(free of charge).

 The next place we visited is the local library.  We were allowed to use the Internet free for 1 hour.
 From the library, we walked to a casino.  It is a small casino.  We just had a quick walk in the casino and came out.
 We found very beautiful scenery behind the casino, so excited.  We spent almost an hour around the lake(lake Okanagan).

 It is lunch time.  We walked into an Italian . It was so cool and relax in the restaurant after half day walking in the sun.
 We ordered pasta, tomato soup and toast scallops.  The food were not to our expectation, or may be not to our Malaysian 's taste.

 We walked to the other part of the town and found this clock tower. From the clock tower we walked to Japanese garden.
 Japanese garden in Kelowna.

 We walked back to the hotel after our whole day tour in downtown. We had a real good rest and prepare for the next day tour in Kelowna.
We were so lucky to meet the lady boss of the hotel(Maria) , a Filipino who married the boss , Canadian. She offered to drive us to Summerhill winery which was located on a hill.

 The grape farm just beside the winery.
 The beautiful views from the winery of  Lake Shore.

 We spent about half an hour at the winery before Maria drove to a local fruit market.
 The fruits here were very cheap compared to those same fruits that we bought in the supermarket.
Our half day ended after our shopping at the fruit market.  We have to pack to get ready to travel again the next morning to Banff National Park. It will be another long journey.

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