Sunday, March 9, 2014

Mint Leaves Omelet

I like the smell of the mint leaves.  I planted 2 pots in my back garden.  I can find 2 types of mint leaves from local market.  The one with smaller leaves are more fragrant which grown on low land while the other type with bigger leaves are mostly grown in highlands like Cameron Highlands.  This species is not as fragrant as the smaller leaves.

The  mint leaves is very easy to grow.  I started growing after buying a bunch from the market. Plug    all the leaves and the stems are planted into 2 pots.  Here are my 2 pots of mint leaves.

 I add fertilizer twice a month.  The plants need a lot of sunlight and water as well.  The plants grow very fast.  I can re- harvest between 2 to 3 months after each harvest. 
My son like mint leaves too.  He used to make his own omelet for bread fast with some mint leaves.  He also like to add a few leaves in to his self-made cold drinks.
Today I am going to share a very simple omelet recipe which our family used to have it for lunch with porridge or serve with rice.

This recipe serve 2 to 3 .


3 eggs,
 a handful of mint leaves,
1 tbsp cooking oil,

11/2 tsp soy sauce,
1/2 tsp pepper.

wash and drain the mint leaves.  Crack the eggs into a bowl, add in soy sauce and pepper.  Whisk the eggs.

Heat the oil in a frying pan, pour in the egg mixture to fry.
 When it's almost cook at the bottom, toss the m int leaves on top of the egg.

  Turn the egg to fry the other side until cook.  fold and dish out, serve hot.
A simple and yet delicious mint omelet is ready to serve.

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