Monday, February 1, 2010

Bayu Timor

My friend, Evelyn was requested to send some fresh fishes and Chinese New Year gifts to a distance relatives in Taman Megah,Petaling Jaya from Teluk Intan. Judy and me accompanied her to look for the suppose so called restaurant. We made a few mistakes , finally we managed to get  to the right place with the restaurant owner , Dee Tan's direction on the cell phones.

We really opened our eyes big, Bayu Timor was actually a Nyonya Restaurant cum antique shop. We had a warm welcome and the lady boss, Dee Tan wanted to us sit down while she tell us how she fell in  love and had the passion of the antiques.

Some of the antiques on ground floor.

Dee Tan with some of the antiques on the first floor.

After touring the ground and first floor admiring the antiques, we were seated at a round table laid with beautiful batik table cloth.

We  were served the popular dishes of Bayu Timor, Siam Laksa, rozak, ice kacang and nyonya kuih.

Lemak Siam Laksa. Real lemak, the sourness and taste just nice, yum.....

Rozak or Chinese salad, see the amount of ground groundnuts, the sauce and the prawn crackers. The crackers were real prawn crackers not like those sold in other places.  Good!!
Nyonya kuih, nine layers kuih, kuih talam and tapioca kuih. I like tapioca kuih the most. The texture was so smooth without any mixture of flour in it, pure tapioca, finger liking good.

Ice-kacang, full of ingredients; chengdul, maize, red beans and the sauce, real good.
Three of us really had a very interesting afternoon, learnt the story of Dee Tan and stomachs packed full with her nyonya food.

Bayu Timor Galery Sdn Bhd is located in 13, Jalan SS24/8, Taman Megah
                                                               47300, PJ 03-78406436
The restaurant open for business daily from 10 am to 6pm only.

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