Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cameron Highlands

My friend, Evelyn brought a Vietnamese friend  to visit me, we decided to take her for a day trip to Cameron Highlands.  At the same time, we invited Agnes to come along.  We set off at about 9.30am from Ipoh, of course I was the driver, slow driver. We had our first stop at 88 Holiday Fun Garden, actually to visit our friend, Mr. Khor Thiam Peng who work there. Unfortunately he went for holiday. While wondering around the shop, I saw some of the beautiful cactus.

We stayed there for about half an hour wondering around , to see what we can get from there. Finally , Evelyn and Agnes bought some fresh corns.
We took about ten minutes to reach Kg Raja, we dropped into Ngew Kee Restaurant for our lunch.(friend recommended)
Before we can order any dishes, the waiter recommended us to try their Rozak, since all of us agree, we ordered a small plate of it.

Surprisingly the sauce was good, but too little ground groundnuts, anyway we requested for more nuts later. We were also recommended to try their steam chicken. The chicken was served with bean sprouts and vegetable.  The meats were tough and sweet, real kampong chicken.

We ordered the vegetable called dragon whisker, fried with samble belachan, the veges was very fresh and tender, we all like it very much.

The last dish the man recommended to us was ikan Kelah, we were so surprise to have the chance to taste this fish again, I remembered the last time we ate this fish was three years ago in one of the restaurant in Slim River. Actually this is a ban fish and  is near extinct.  We were lucky then.  We had half of the fish and the chef had it steamed in ginger and garlic, the flesh really sweet and tender, the scales can be eaten too!!

We really enjoyed our lunch.
We took our slow drive down to Bringchang and Tanah Rata without any stop until we reach the Bharat tea shop.  Wow!  The greenery of the tea plantations and the cool wind, so nice compare with the hot wave in low land.

We had teh tarik and tea and spent about an hour there. We drove all the way back from the way we came and dropped by to buy some flowers.
Some of the wild flowers outside the shop.

A bush of Rose Mary

Agnes and the beautiful Orchid
Ann from Vietnam with Lavender with vegetable farm at the background

Full load of flowers.
This full booth of flowers belong to Agnes, she really a very good shopper!!
We reached home at about 5p.m.  It was a very relax and enjoyable trip and it was the first time for Ann to go up Cameron Highlands,  she really love the highlands and all the beautiful flowers and not forgetting the cool breeze too.

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