Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ethon's birthday

Happy birthday to Ethon. Ethon is one year old today, his parents, K.K and Evon both working in Genting Highlands, thus he has been taken care by his grandma, Evon's mom Cicelia in Ipoh
Ethon and his parents, K.K and Evon

Ethon and grandma Cicelia (Evon's mom)

Ethon and grandma Ah Hoon(K.K's mom)
Ethon and great great grandma,my cousin sister; Ah Hoon's mom

Ethon and great, great, great aunty, my mom, 85 years old now
Ethon is so fortunate, five generations of relatives celebrated his birthday with him.

We had seven course dishes dinner at Pusing Public Seafood Restaurant Sdn Bdh. The first dish, of course was the Low San.
All believed that the higher you toss the better you are, Low Hee

Smashed ginger steamed  kampong chicken
Soy source fried prawns
Sweet sour siakap fish
Braised pork
Steamed tau fo stuffed with fish paste.

All the dishes were too much for a table of ten of us, we have to ask to take away. My dog was lucky to have the big pork bone for supper.

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