Monday, March 8, 2010

Drunken cold pork trotter

Lai Fun came and visit me.  We had a long chat , we talked about travel, baking and cooking.  She shared with me a new recipe, pork trotter. She just narrated the ingredients and the method while I jotted them down.

The ingredients.
1 pig trotter (get the butcher to remove the big bone but do not spilt open the skin and chop off the lower end of the leg)
1 tbsp of salt,
1 teaspoon of sichuan pepper
1 roll of bandage(pre-wash)
1 bottle of good Shiew Heng Wine

Sichuan pepper( can get from Chinese Medicine shops)
The Method

In a wok, fry the salt and the Sichuan pepper until the Sichuan pepper crack. Remove and let cool. Clean the trotter  and pat dry.Rub the fried ingredients into the trotter evenly and place in a container and keep in the refrigerator for three days.  Remove the seasoned trotter from the refrigerator, rub off the Sichuan pepper   from it.  Use the pre-washed bandage to bandage the whole of the trotter tightly.

The bandage and the seasoned trotter

\Bandaged Trotter

Place the bandaged trotter in a deep sauce pan or container, pour in the whole bottle of the wine to soak it for three days in the refrigerator. Turn the trotter in between the three days to make sure that the trotter is fully soak in the wine.
Remove the wine soaked trotter from the refrigerator, let stand and dry. 

Wine soaked trotter after three days.

In a pot , pour in enough water to boil the trotter for half an hour or until the meat is tender.  This can be tested by poking a thin chopstick through the bandage, the meat is cook when the chopstick is able to poke through it.
When it is cook, remove from the pot, let stand to dry and cool.  Place it back to the refrigerator for about four hours before it can be served.(cold dish)
Remove the bandage and slice the trotter into thin slices and arrange on the a plate to be served.
I was lucky that Lai Fun's husband, Yip Chee Kheong was the expect for slicing the trotter, he did it for me.

Yip Chee Kheong and his work

The Slices of Drunken Cold Pork Trotter

Look beautiful and tasty, this can be eaten with bread as well.
Instead of wine we can substitute with good light soy sauce.


  1. Looks quite tasty. It's a bit of work though, but I'm sure it's worth it. Might try this one next time. Looks challenging, hehe! thanks for the post :)

  2. Thank you, Alferd & Janet, for sharing your ideas. I tried this for the 1st first time and so happy I can make it for my family this CNY. But I changed the steps a bit and I tried one without the wine too. I put up a few pics on my blog if you care to visit :)

    HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR and a blessed year ahead for you & your family.