Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Reunion Dinner

I decided to have home cook reunion dinner for this Chinese New Year because all my brother  and sister in laws were not joining us for this occasion. Only six of us, my father-in-law, my two sons, the maid and both of us. I have bought all the necessary ingredients for the five dishes that I needed a few days before the occasion.  I needed sea-cucumbers for one of my dish, so I bought three dried sea-cucumbers. My mom taught me how to prepare the dried sea-cucumbers.
The method.   Put the sea-cucumbers into a soup pot half-filled with water.  Take it to a boil.  Turn to low fire and continue boiling for half an hour.  Remove from stove and add more water to almost fill up the pot.,let stand till next day. Pour out the water, clean the intestines of the sea-cucumbers, soak them in the pot again with lots of water. On the third day, change the water, boil the sea-cucumbers for about fifteen minutes, repeat as the first day, add more water to the pot, let stand till next day. Change the water everyday until the sea-cucumbers expand till the size that you are  satisfied.
The first dish I prepared was the braised vinegar pork leg. It will taste better if its cooked  a day earlier.
Braised vinegar pork leg.

The ingredients for Bountiful Harvest
Three pre-soaked sea-cucumbers, six dried Chineses mushrooms, soaked
five cloves of garlic, slices of ginger, six dried oysters, soaked, six dried scallops (medium)
three grams of black moss, soaked. Broccoli for decoration.
Cooked Bountiful Harvest

Ginger Steamed Golden Promplet

Jieu Hu Char (fried Chinese yam with dried chopped squid)

Deep Fried Prawns

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