Thursday, February 25, 2010

Reunion with primary teachers and classmates

This Chinese New Year we managed to gather only nine of our primary school classmates to visit our primary school teacher who thought us from primary one to six.  All of us really respect and love him very much, we made our promise to visit him every year during Chinese New Year in Teluk Intan.

This picture was taken in our teacher house on the third day of Chinese New Year.

All were middle aged classmates, some were grandmas already.  Standing forth from left on the back row is our teacher, he is now seventy-two years old.
After a short chat, we adjoined for lunch at Shee Chuan Restaurant, in Teluk Intan.

While waiting for foods to be served, take a snap for the album.
The first dish was The Five Taste Dish.

Next we had Asam  Steamed Golden promplet.

Vegetarian mixed vegetables.

Tong Poh Pork with Man Tau

All of us were too full to put in anymore food, we had to stop the rest of the orders, like fried prawns and glutinous rice for take away.
Though it was festive season and with a big crowds, the foods were well prepared and taste good, big portions too!.
We all had a very memorable and happy reunion and eagerly waiting for the next one to come.

Our sir gave me another old teacher contact number who retired in 1986. I managed to get hold of her in Ipoh.  She was so excited to meet me and my sister.  She was so strong, when she shake hand with us, I could feel that tight and strong hold on my hand. She is now ninety-five years old, her memories were still good. She could recall our good old times in school. Really good to chat with her.

Though she is ninety-five years old, she still looks so alert and healthy.

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