Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Birthday cake

Tomorrow will be Mei Wan's birthday. I promised to bake her chocolate cake but I changed my mind. I bake her a butter cake with butter cream and fondant decoration that I learnt recently.  I made some flowers and leaves from the fondant icing in advance.

These are the pink and yellow roses and the green leaves made from the fondant.

I bake a butter cake this morning. Cool it and decorated with the butter cream and the fondant flowers.

This is the first time I do cake decoration.  I am not very satisfied because the stars that squeezed out were not even in sizes, but proud of my fondant flowers. I will improve in my technique of cake decoration in the future, practice make perfect.

Completed with the decorations, put in a box and sent it to Mei Wan in her office.  She was so happy to receive the cake. I am glad that she like it.