Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cup cakes decoration

Made appointment with Nurainie 3 days ago on the Internet to learn cake decoration from her. I found her in Malaysian cake decorators' club(MCDC). Found her house then introduced ourselves.  Without wasting much time, we started by baking butter cup cakes.  While waiting for the cake to be bake, we started mixing our butter cream for decoration. Next, we came to the interesting part. the fondant . We started by making small and big flowers like roses, ribbon roses, small and bigger leaves, making colours; making lady buds and teddy bears too.  After making whatever we wanted, put aside and let dry.
The teddy bears and lady buds look real cute and the flowers are really sweet and lovely

and all the green leaves

Before we put on the decoration, we have to lever up the surface of each cup cakes by the butter cream.

We used piping begs with different tips to pipe out different colours and also different patterns. I loved that.

After finishing the piping, we moved to fondant decorating. The teddy bears, my first love.

See the lady bear and the boy bear, so adorable.

The mother and baby lady buds

The garden

The final result of fondant decoration, so lovely.

The mixture of butter cream and fondant decoration

I really learnt a lot for just a few hours. Thank you to Nurainie and it was really fun and I appreciated the time given to me.

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