Sunday, August 1, 2010

Durian orchard

Its during season again, we can see every corner of the city were full of durians and other fruits as well.  This is in fact a very big season, and very cheap.  We need not buy from the stalls because my friends and we planned to go and eat in the durian orchard.  After made arrangement with the orchard owner, Ah San,9 of us drove 2 cars to Chenderiang, a small town just near to Tapah.  We met Ah San at his sundry shop in Chenderian, he led us to his orchard about 3 km away. The road was good, we could even park over cars just next to the orchard.
Crossed a bridge over a clean,clear water stream, we were met by all the durian trees, old and young, big and small. We were told to wait at the hut, so Ah San and his worker would go and look for dropped durians. They brought back so many durians just within minutes.

These durians can be reached easily and so tempting up!!
This is the original wild durian, can be differentiated by all the narrow sharp green torns. This type of durian has a greenly and wine taste. The tree is more then 100 years old.
This is (kucing tidur) one of the latest bud-grafted species.  Yum....very good taste.
All of us really enjoyed ourselves with all the species of durian, eat all we can and its was free.
One for the album, we have Japanese lady, sitting on the right, and Singapore lady, standing first row 2nd from the right. We interviewed our Japanese friend Chisan, through her, we understand that durian(the king of the  fruit)is the dream fruit of Japanese;esp for her. She has been dreaming of eating durian before she came to Malaysia. Now her dream came through. Malaysia is her second home now. She described that the taste of durian is a mixture of cheese, butter, honey and the smell is the bad smell of petroleum.  Anyway she loves durian very, very much. She really enjoyed a lot.  We were able to show her some tapioca trees and pull some of the roots for her to take home as well.
When we have enough of the durians, Ah San took us to his small little hut, he showed us the lost little wild piglet that his worker found. So cute and strong but with some body odour. However all of us were so excitedto take picture with it. It has become a star.
The little piglet
The cute little wild piglet
While were eating the durians and paying attention to the little piglets, the orchard workers went looking for more durians among the trees. They brought a lot more durians. We decided to buy some back for our family members. Finally our 2 cars were loaded with durians and some tapioca as well.  Ah San reminded us to visit him again during the next durian season. Of-course we will.

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