Thursday, December 22, 2011

Butchat Garden

On the 3rd day which is also our last day in Vancouver, we booked a day tour in China Town to Butchat Gardens.  This 55 acer of stunning floral show gardens and a National Historic Site of Canada is located near Victoria We boarded the tour bus from China Town  at 7.30 am and headed to the port .  The ferry left the port at 9am and reached the island at 10.30am.  By the time we reached China Town of Victoria(capital of Vancouver) is already our lunch time.  We had our own simple lunch.
 The oldest railway station in Canada
 The port in Victoria
 The Parliament house in Victoria

 O mile from Victoria to the main road of Vancouver
 We reached The Butchart Gardens at about 1pm after going round Victoria.
 Outside Butchart Gardens.
 The first garden that we visited was The Sunken Garden.
 We were so amazed on the first look of the garden.  The landscaping is so fantastic, the plants, the flowers and so on, so.....beautiful!! Lets go on to the other parts of the gardens.

 The Italian Garden, another type of beauty in the landscaping.

 The Japanese garden.
 Ocean in a hole.  We can see the ocean from this hole among the plants in the garden.  We walk to the jetty of the Ocean in  the hole.

 Garden in a window.

AS we had only 2 hours for such a big garden, we actually missed out a lot of the gardens.  We were short of time because we have to catch the 5pm ferry back to main land (Vancouver).  We left the gardens with some disappointment because we did not see enough of the gardens.  It was 6pm when we reached our hotel.  That ends our tour in Vancouver.

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