Saturday, December 14, 2013

Chili Sauce

Today I am very excited to share a special chili sauce.  I never like to dip in any sauce or chili sauce whenever I eat anything like fry chicken  and other fry foods,  I do not like to dip in any tomato or chili sauce when I see most of my friends do while eating fast food especially the French fries.

The recipe of this chili sauce is from my new friend, Yoke Yin.  I tried the chili sauce in her house last 2 weeks, oh.... not hot,  not very  sweet but fragrant and a little sour, very nice and special. I like it  and I hope you guys will like this sauce too.

The ingredients are,

!0 red chili with the stalk,
15 musk lime (limau kasturi)  juice,
1 stalk of lemon grass,
1 stalk of wild ginger bud,
3 tbsp. of sugar,
2 tbsp. of oyster sauce,

put all the ingredients into fast speed blender, my blender will blend for 1 minute.
the end result of the blended chili sauce.

I will bring the chili sauce to a boil, let cool completely then store in bottles in the freeze, this can last for a longer time.  This chili sauce is very good for any food dip, and can just pour some of the sauce on the fish for steaming as well.

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