Monday, February 24, 2014

Lor Bak

Its been a long time since we have been eating lor bak, this is a very popular dish in Penang.  Its quite similar to spring rolls, just the ingredients in the rolls are different.

I never cook this dish before but I am going to share with you this recipe from a nyonya baba cuisine ,  this book was printed in 2005.  This book was given free when we had Mother's day dinner in Genting Highlands.

I modified a little of the ingredients.  The meat used is chicken meat( in fact, the original meat is pork) , I used minced pork and instead of water chestnuts ,I replaces with Chinese yam.

The ingredients are,
500 g minced pork,
2 to 3 shallots, diced,
2 tbs chopped spring onions,
4 water chestnuts, chopped,
2 sheets dry beancurd skin, cut into 5 x6 rectangles,
1 egg white, lightly beaten (for sealing the rolls),
oil for deep-frying.
Cucumber (garnishing)

For marinade,
1 tbs oyster sauce,
1 tbs light soy sauce,
salt to taste,
1/2 tsp pepper,
2 tsp sugar,
1 egg, lightly beaten,
1/2 tsp Chinese five spice powder, 
12 g sweet potato flour.

For the dipping sauce,

4 tbsp plum sauce,
2 tbsp Garlic chili sauce,
2 tbsp tomato sauce,
1/2 tsp salt,
1 tbsp sugar,
toasted sesame seeds.

 Marinate the minced pork for 4 to 6 hours or preferably overnight.  Remove the meat from the freeze, add in the chopped spring onions, water chestnuts and diced shallots, mix well.

 Get the dry beancurd sheets ready and place a piece of a board.
Spread a tablespoon of the mixture onto the prepared beancurd skin sheet. Wrap and roll up neatly.
Seal edges with a little egg white and twist both the ends to conceal the filling.

I will finish all the rolling and place onto a plate and use cling paper to cover up , put into the freeze until its time for frying.
Prick the beancurd skin slightly with a toothpick to prevent air bubbles from forming during frying.
Heat up oil until very hot, then reduce the heat to medium and deep-fry the meat rolls until golden brown.

Drain well on kitchen towels.  Let cool before cutting and serve garnish with cucumber and the sauce.

To make the sauce:  Combine all the sauce ingredients and mix well.

Hm mm  the crispy of the beancurd skin, the fragrant of the spring onions and shallots and the five spice powder, yummy, the crunch and sweetness of the Chinese yam.  I like it.  Good for the first try.

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