Sunday, March 23, 2014

Thai Style steam Barramundi

As mentioned in earlier post of steam blue crabs for lunch and then steam Barramundi for dinner.
I am going to try out this recipe from U-tube.  This is a very simple and delicious dish.

I used the head and another piece of steak from the cut barramundi.  The ingredients are as follow,

 This is the whole fish of barramundi and these are the parts that I will steam for dinner.
 1 stalk lemon grass,
3 tbs chopped garlic,
2-3 Thai chili,
1/4 cup lime juice,
3 tbs fish sauce,
2 tbsp palm sugar/white sugar,
1/2 tsp chopped spring/basil for garnish.
Cut the lemon grass into 3 sections and place on the plate, then place the fish pieces on top.  Place the fish into the boiling water pot or wok to steam for 7 minutes or longer depend on the sizes of the fish.
I steam for 10 minutes.

At the meantime, prepare a small bowl, squeeze out the juice of the limes, add in sugar, fish sauce, chopped garlic and chili and mix well and set aside.
When the fish is cooked, pour the garlic mixture onto the fish.  Sprinkle chopped spring onion or basil for garnish.

My son and husband like this Thai style steam fish, the sweet and sour taste is really appetizing and flash of the fish taste delicious too.


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