Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mom"s 88th birthday

Time really flies, its been a year since we brothers and sisters celebrated my mom's birthday a year ago.  This year is my mom's 88th birthday but for the lunar calendar it should be 89 .  Every year we will decide the date for the next year celebration.  Before anyone one of her sibling dare to forget, next year will be her grand day, her 90th birthday.  We six children have decided to make it a big celebration.  How many of us can live up to this healthy 90?

As usual, my sister-in-law will prepare rice-noodle with eggs soup for my mom's breakfast,  this noodle represent long life.

 My mom is so happy today and everyday,  she does not look 88 years, she looks so much younger then her age.

I bake this carrot cake with cream cheese frosting for my mom's birthday.

She is so proud of her cake.

 Mom is so happy with we six children gather together.  Her eldest son is 70 years and the youngest daughter is 57 years old.

Singing birthday song with some of the great, grandchildren.

Happily cutting and sharing her birthday cake.

We had buffet lunch at home.  The caterer did a good job with delicious food being served.

Since most of the family members are gather together, we celebrate mother's day at the same day.

The oldest mother is 88 years while the youngest is 28 years old.
I bake banana walnut cake with cream cheese frosting.
WE really enjoyed our fellowships with all our family members and we are looking forward for the coming big day next May 17.

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